About real map LIEPĀJA

LIEPAJA is a map that shows the real city of Latvia - Liepāja. The map new version (v.1.2) contains currently 20 real drivable bus routes with fictional timetables. Currently development at the newest version LIEPAJA v.1.2 is complete! Available from March 31, 2018.
This is the author's version! Author rs13a versions (Liepaja 2.0, Liepaja 2.5, etc.) is not original. And there isn't any connection with their and my work.

About real Liepaja

Liepāja is the third largest city in Latvia. Liepāja is located on the West coast of Latvia between the Baltic Sea and Liepāja Lake, which are connected by the Trade Canal. In 2015 in Liepāja city streets appeared fourteen new Mercedes Benz Sprinter 513 buses. Turn in late 2015 appeared in forty-three new "Solaris Urbino 12" buses. Liepāja transport system consists of 31 bus lines (of the 5 route coupled with Grobiņa). In Liepāja also has tram traffic, but in OMSI it will not be created.

LIEPAJA (v.1.2) bus lines for OMSI 2